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Kidney deficiency is the cause of hair loss

Many thought that hair loss in men with hair loss is renal deficiency, they usually find hair loss seriously tried to buy some kidney medicine, this practice is not advisable. Kidney deficiency can cause hair loss, but not all hair loss is caused by deficiency of kidney. Is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine syndrome differentiation of kidney deficiency and hair loss can have several types of syndrome differentiation of traditional Chinese medicine, such as blood-hot air drying, deficiency of both Qi and blood, stagnation of qi and blood stasis and so on, can cause hair loss.
Find hair loss should first determine what kind of hair loss, is alopecia or alopecia areata and differentiation, which belongs to the TCM syndrome type and can address. If hair loss is thought to be of kidney deficiency, eat supplements instead of helping blind, but easy to upset the equilibrium of the body. If the patient's own confused, it must go to a regular hospital, doctors diagnosed syndromes to help determine the cause, don't go it alone.

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